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About Black Love Live

Welcome to "Black Love Live" - Where Music Meets Purpose.

Born in the heart of Memphis and fueled by the soulful melodies of world-renowned singers, "Black Love Live" isn't just a concert – it's an experience. Imagine a night that radiates the energy of a grand live concert and resonates with the warmth of a family reunion. That's "Black Love Live" for you.

Our aim? To let the rhythms heal and uplift your spirit, to create a sanctuary where you can leave behind the worries of the world and immerse yourself in a euphoria of melodies and camaraderie.

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Why We Do It:

  • For The Community: At its core, "Black Love Live" celebrates the heroes among us. Every show honors the tireless efforts of community leaders - from the teachers molding our future generations to the first responders ensuring our safety and the local heroes making a difference every single day.

  • For The Artists: Beyond the music and festivities, we're a platform for prodigious talents. By shedding light on their artistry, we aim to propel these incredible artists into the spotlight they rightfully deserve.

  • For You: Recognizing that high-quality entertainment is not accessible to all, we're committed to bringing unparalleled production and entertainment experiences to those who may not regularly attend shows.


A Cause Close to Our Heart

Proceeds from "Black Love Live" go to the "Love A Little Foundation Group." Your attendance doesn't just promise a night of fun; it drives change, fostering love and care where it's needed most. Join us for a night of soul, celebration, and community. Let's make memories together!

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